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Photographer/Agent for Cosplayers / Models

* Life member  I.F.P.O 

Founder NAPI ( North West Arkansas Paranormal Investigations )

RKidd Photography/Agent TM

I began my career in photography in 1980 in California. I started shooting models primarily and then progressed to weddings. I honestly prefer shooting natural and non-posed. A posed subject seems unnatural and has a manikin like appearance to me. In 1991 I moved to Arkansas and began exploring my options in shooting events, special occasions, conventions, portraits, glamour, nature, stills, wildlife and personal requests. Currently, I am focusing on freelance work but, I still shoot what I receive requests for. Also, I have had Multiple Sclerosis for over 41 years and I am now Secondary Progressive. I am in a wheelchair fulltime and I do not allow being in a wheelchair, stop me from doing what I want and love. I have also been a Paranormal Investigator & Physical Medium for over 35 years and have been involved in countless investigations. After being directly involved in paranormal investigations & research throughout the years, I would give this piece of advice to anyone interested in doing paranormal investigations & research, be certain to learn as much as you possibly can and learn from a professional investigator who can explain what is involved and how to protect yourself and others, during any and all investigations. Even though there have been several hurdles that I have had to figure out ways of getting around, I still continue to move forward and finish what I set out to do. When life doesn't fit, you simply make alterations.